• Apr 17, 2018

by Amanda Hueneke


We don't often think about it in the business world, but somewhere out there are some amazing people serving, teaching and molding lives into the next generation of the workplace. May is teacher appreciation month. Many schools and PTA's will be looking to thank and recognize their amazing teachers, and they might be contacting you to help.

You can help thank a teacher by donating promotional items to their swag bags, contributing to gift baskets, or donating gift cards or products for their raffles. It's a great way to give back to our community.

A few tips: 

1) Consider donating your products, swag, and gift cards and cash to a Title 1 school in your area. Often the parents in these schools cannot contribute to thanking their teachers the way they would like. Your contribution goes farther here, and is greatly appreciated. Many times these teachers give the most of their time and pocketbooks, and they will tell you that the rewards come in the changes they make in little lives. But, let's give them a little something extra, this May!

2) While the satisfaction of donating is reward enough- it can often be a great way to promote your business among 50-100+ consumers- especially if you are a business to consumer type company (examples- realtors, roofers, fitness trainers, heating/ac companies, and more). Being an active parent on PTA boards for many years, I can vouch for the fact that these companies are top of mind for teachers and parents for years to come- especially in small to medium sized communities.

3) Find out if you can sponsor a luncheon, traveling snack bar, soda, ice cream or dessert bars; or offer to stock the office pantry or school supply closet (promotional items like pencils, pens, highlighters, and rulers work great, and are usually in your office anyway). Often, schools are happy to display your information in exchange for this service to their teachers. 

4) If you can't make it onto a campus to thank a teacher, consider offering a special promotion or free service- example free car wash, free lunch coupon, etc. You might just get some extra foot traffic into your place of business!

How does your company like to thank a teacher? Please share your ideas...Let's all contribute together to making this May the best one ever for our teaching communities!