Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?  

You are welcome to shop on our website- as this is a great, easy and convenient order option at any time of day, if you know what you want or need. However, in most cases, clients like to consult with us so that we can learn about your event, timeline, location, needs, your target audience, and what you’re hoping to achieve- so that we can recommend the products that are a best fit. There are many factors to consider when ordering promotional marketing items, but it need not be overwhelming. We can discuss options with you in person if local; or we can communicate by email, phone, skype, or whatever your situation and preferred method.

How long is my quote valid?
We strive to notate when there is a expiration for the quote supplied. This generally applies to technology items that fluctuate in the market place; as well as print, apparel, and sale items. In these cases, deadlines for ordering and expiration of quotations are notated. Price changes may also occur in the case of ending a calendar year and beginning a new one. All published prices and products are subject to change and availability without notice; due to pending international tariffs, all quotes prior to 12/31/19 will need to be re-quoted for 2020. 

What are the minimums for ordering? 

This varies by product, and we can usually accommodate less than catalog minimums for an additional charge. However, with the exception of samples, signs and apparel- and at our discretion- we do have a minimum invoice charge of $100 not including shipping and handling or tax. 

What if I want to see the item before ordering?

That’s not a problem! In most cases, we provide a free random (as in, random logo) or blank sample via personal drop off or mail or delivery service. This does add a bit of time to the decision-making process, but we can discuss to see if this is an option that fits your needs and timeline. Most samples will be sent via USPS, or ground shipment. We appreciate when our clients ask for a sample because they are serious and ready to buy- and just need that extra nudge and security of a sample.

Samples that are $50 or more/Brand Name Items:

In some cases, for example in the case of some apparel items, more expensive items ($50 or more in product), or brand name items- we may collect a deposit that can be returned to you should the item be returned in unused, good condition within a set timeline- we will advise you of the timeline when you place the sample order. Should you choose to keep the item, or in the case of apparel- choose to use it on your order, we will apply the deposit toward the cost of your order. Should you choose to keep the items and not place an order, your deposit will be billed accordingly. In the case of apparel, we recommend that you order one piece in a middle size; and ask for a sizing chart. We are happy to provide those to you.

What if I want to see the actual, physical item printed with my logo in my colors?

We can do that! In most cases, that requires a pre-production sample charge that varies according to the product. We will apply that payment credit to the order, if it is placed.

How do I send artwork and what type do I need?

Artwork can be easily uploaded on our website: http://www.helloimprint.com/artupload.htm. Alternatively, you can send your artwork via email directly to your sales representative. If you don’t have a sales representative, you can send it to: sales@helloimprint.com.

Best artwork formats for almost all items is vector artwork created in Illustrator (eps file). Sometimes we can work with a pdf. Jpegs and web files will require additional artwork and production time. We will advise you of any additional cost and/or time involved. The awesome news is that once we have your artwork files set up, we keep them, so you can order quickly and easily.

We are particular about our colors and brand specifications; how do I make sure they are right?

Please submit your order with as much information as possible so that we can ensure your satisfaction. This includes any PMS colors (and CMYK if possible), as well as brand specifications such as do’s and don’ts. PMS colors require an additional charge for ink matching, and we’ll advise you of this charge before placing the order. We can also get as close as possible, if you want to try to use standard colors. In the case of some items, a CMYK process is used, and we will get as close as possible, and let you know that is the case.

I’m brand new and just building my brand, can you help?

We’ve been around for a while, and have a variety of ways to assist you in building a brand. We can refer graphic artist partners so that you can get personalized service, or direct you to a service to secure your brand and artwork.

What’s the delivery and shipping time for my order?

This will depend on the product you choose, and how quickly you need it. Most promotional products run 5-10 working days after proof approval; apparel is usually 10-12 working days after proof approval. We can make exceptions, as there are a variety of products and services available to meet your in hands deadline. We even have some 24 hour ship services; and we strive to pull products from the plant closest to you so that you can get them as quickly as possible. We’ll consult with you on this to make sure that your order is delivered on time.

What if I need part of my order to go to a second location?
No worries, we can accommodate that no problem. Just let us know.

Can I use my shipper number?

Absolutely! Just let us know when you place the order. Sometimes a third party shipper fee may apply.

What’s an Embroidery Tape?
An embroidery tape is a digitized file of your logo that breaks down the stitch count and placement for embroidery. Think of it as a path for the machine to follow. First time embroidery orders require an embroidery tape digitized file. The price for this first time set up depends on the number of stitches that will be produced, and the price is calculated per 1000 stitches, but most embroidery files run between $75-115. Obviously, the larger the embroidery, the more stitches you will have. As long as you keep the size and logo exactly the same- this is a one-time charge (we can change the thread colors, though). We can use the same tape on shirts and hats, usually. We offer a virtual sew out proof of embroidery files prior to production. Embroidery .dst files can be shared among plants to be used on many items, as long as sizing allows.

What is a Screen Charge (or set up charge)?

A screen charge is a first time set up charge for shooting artwork, separating artwork, and creating a screen to print your items. It’s a time-consuming process (you can watch youtube videos on it, if you’re bored), but as with a tape charge, when size and logo remain the same on reorders- you will not be charged a screen charge on the same item. In some cases, a reorder set up is required- and that is process used to change out screens on the equipment; but this charge is different than the first time set up, or screen charge.

Screen charges are per color, and per location. For instance, in the case of t-shirts- a one color front and back print on a white or light-colored t-shirt would be 2 screens. On a dark t-shirt- we print that twice- once with a white underlay so that your color will be true and vibrant, and again with the actual color. So, in the case of the dark t-shirt- it will be four screen charges.  

Also, a child sized t-shirt screen is significantly smaller than an adult screen. Additional screens are required if you’re ordering across many different size brackets- i.e.- toddler, youth, adult, and sizes above 3-4xl (depending on design).

Screens are not shared among different plants- so there are screen charges for each product, at each plant. For instance- we cannot use the same screen on a Koozie® that we can on a t-shirt- because they come from separate plants, and also because they are different size screens.

Can you screen print or embroider items I provide?

At this time, we are not able to screen print or embroider items provided by a client. Should a machine get finicky on us, we like to be able to replace items without any headache for you. We can do this easily when we provide the products, but not so much when we’re trying to replace that sentimental or hard to source item. We recommend checking with your tailor or dry cleaner if you are looking to decorate personal items. 

What’s the minimum on apparel?

We prefer to work with quantities of 12 or more for apparel such as shirts and jackets; and 24 pieces for headwear or bags, so that we can give you better pricing. If you need 24 or more pieces, the prices start getting better from there. With embroidery, we can mix and match pieces if we’re using the same embroidery tape and size across all items.

For heat transfer and sublimation- minimums are 12 pieces. 

What is an Overrun?

An overrun may occur on some orders- usually with smaller items that are going through an extremely fast printing process. A percentage of extra items may be printed- ensuring for quality printing and the minimum requested. Usually this is a 10-15% margin. These items will be included in your order, and billed in addition to the ordered quantity. On more expensive items- apparel, and bags, for instance- overruns are rare.

I’m checking out online- does my order include shipping and are there other costs involved?

Usually shipping is not calculated into the order cost; unless otherwise specified. If you need an estimated shipping amount- please contact us so that we can ensure you have the correct total. Overruns, shipment method, and even published carrier shipment rates can change prior to shipment and we typically calculate the charge then to ensure that you are billed correctly. If there are additional charges involved in any way, we will notify you prior to placing an order.

Is sales tax included?

Sales tax is dependent on the state to which goods are delivered. If you are shipping to a state in which we have nexus, we will apply the applicable tax. For Denton and Collin Counties in Texas, 8.25% is applicable. If you have tax exempt status, please supply the appropriate tax exemption certificate and/or your resale license to sales@helloimprint.com.

Can I see a proof on my order?

For your peace of mind- and ours, we strive to provide a proof on every order. Exceptions would be that it is an exact repeat order, or sometimes- in the case of a rush order, time does not permit. In these cases, we request that it either be an exact repeat order, or that you provide vector artwork so that we can all rest easy knowing everything is smooth sailing. In most cases, the first proof is free. Revised proofs may incur additional charges.


By submitting artwork for an order, you certify and guarantee that you have the unrestricted right and authority to use and distribute that artwork. At our discretion, we may require documentation of said rights and authority; and we retain the right refuse to execute orders where copyrights and trademarks are in question.

What are the payment options?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The order will be placed upon receipt of payment through our secure payment processing provider via our website. In some cases, at our discretion, credit may be granted on an account. Please contact us for a credit application; and a D&B check. Credit will be granted and orders may be placed on account once the credit check has been performed. Please allow extra time for this process, and consider utilizing our payment processing if your order is time sensitive. Our net terms are 20 days after invoicing; if credit is granted.

What's the deal with Masks/Face Coverings? 

 Promotional masks and face coverings can be used for personal use and as a promotional vehicle to carry your brand or message. However, promotional masks, face coverings, gaiters, bandannas, etc are not intended for use as a surgical mask or to provide liquid barrier protection; are not recommended for use in a clinical setting, as a respiratory protective device or particulate filtration or in high risk aerosol generating procedures. Masks and face coverings have been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization for use as source control by the general public to reduce the spread of illness during the COVID-19 pandemic; but these products have not been FDA tested, cleared or approved. 

That is essentially the fine print. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this, or anything else.


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