An important message about our supply chain

Apr 15, 2021

by Amanda Hueneke At Hello Imprint, one of the core values in our mission is to communicate with our clients proactively and in a timely manner. It is with that in mind, that we want to prepare ou...

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New tariff impacts for November 1

Oct 25, 2019

by Amanda Hueneke Update to tariff situation and how it affects your marketing budget: A new round of trade tariffs will go into effect on November 1st. Brands affected by these new tariffs incl...

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Tariff Increase: How We Will Work to Protect Your Bottom Line

May 11, 2019

by Amanda Hueneke This unfortunately, is not one of my fluffier blogs, but a matter of fact one. As of yesterday, May 10th at 12:01 am, tariff from goods imported from China jumped from 10% to 25%...

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