Taking your video marketing to the next level

  • Aug 5, 2018

by Amanda Hueneke


Video. It's everywhere. It's in your LinkedIn newsfeed, instagram, and on every social media platform. Everyone's getting on the video bandwagon. And we know we all need it on our social media, and our websites. That's great, but what if you could take it a notch (or ten) above those platforms? What if you could bring video right into the palm of your target market's hands, but make it feel like a gift? 

The evolution of technology in the promotional world is changing faster than you can swipe left, and those options are here, now. Check this out: 



Who can resist opening a gift box? And, what kind of reaction would you have if you opened a gift box with a video? I'm imagining that new product- the one that someone only understands when they see it demo'd.... wrapped up in a custom gift box- with a play on demand demo video right there inside. The non-profit that you know everyone would want to support- if they could just see what the impact they have on the world. Impressive? Yes. Different? Yes. Intriguing? Check.  Effective? Well, you tell me- are you still talking about your favorite Super Bowl commercials from years ago? You betcha.


Video has the power to capture emotion; to grab the viewer- pull them in and experience a brand. Why should we have to pay millions of dollars for air time during the Super Bowl, when with a little targeted marketing- you can bring the experience into the right users’ hands. Using video business cards, brochures and gift boxes will elevate your marketing to a hands on level. 

Now, this might seem like the type of marketing that only the big guys get to play with. But now, it’s open to all of us. With a targeted, well thought out approach- this marketing can be in the hands of 1, 2, 10 or 100's of sets of eyes.

If you’re interest in learning more, request a free brochure on the details. We’ve got the vehicle, we’ve got the video production partners to help make it happen, let’s play marketing with the big guys….


Let’s step into the world of video in a new way. 


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