Mailbox memories last a lifetime- how you can use the power of the stamp in your business

  • Apr 26, 2018

by Amanda Hueneke


When I was a little girl, I used to wait eagerly all year long for my birthday. Of course, all kids do. Some adults still do. But one of the reasons that I loved my birthday so much was because of a tradition.

Every year, usually on the beautiful, warm, last day in May, I would pad barefooted across the hot black pavement of a North Carolina street to our mail box. I would open the mail box knowing that Aunt Karen would not let me down on my birthday. And she never did. I would reach into that mailbox and pull out the thick card envelope and run back into the house to tear it open with jubilant expectation. She never failed to pick the best birthday cards, and she would slip a $5 or $10 bill inside it each time. As the bill fell out, I would hold it up to show my family. It was a highlight of my day. But do you know what sticks out in my memory the most? The anticipation. The knowing that there was going to be something special in the mail box just for me.

That memory has stayed with me my whole life, and become a foundation for part of who I am. So much so, that the first idea I had for my brand was an envelope before it developed into the “hello”. I love to send mail that is fun. Growing up, I had a pen pal in Iceland, and I remember sticking packets of Koolaide in the letter and asking if she had sugar over there! In high school we had pen pals in France, and my junior year I met and carried on correspondence with friends I met at a young leaders’ conference in Washington D.C. I can still remember all their names- shout outs to Christine, and Nicholas and Justin and Brandy. And when my lifelong best friend went to college in Florida and I stayed behind in North Carolina, we wrote letters because that was back in the day when long distance was too expensive, and there wasn’t an internet except that AOL thing that was still evolving.

Do you remember that feeling? Do you remember what it was like to go to the mailbox and find something fun there? Do you remember what it was like to open it and file past the bills and junk mail because your eye immediately went to the large, brightly colored or bulky envelope?


This is the foundation of what I want to do in my life, in my business and what I want to bring to (and for) my clients. A happy hello. A spirit of good will.

Last month I launched my company with a Facebook live video. It was a bold move for me because I don’t like myself on camera. But to my surprise, it was so well received. Tons of comments, views, “likes” and shares; and over a month later, it’s still being viewed. I couldn’t believe it, and I felt so blessed and grateful for the support. I wanted to do something for the people I knew participated in that moment, but there were a lot of them, and how to thank so many across so many parts of the country??

I decided to put together a thank you note and gift. I purchased the post cards and envelopes from the local office store. I put together a post card on the Avery website and printed it out. I took the Post-it notepads I had purchased with my company logo, and I put one of each in the envelope along with my business card. I stamped it, stuck a Hello Imprint label on the back, and I mailed it to 90 of the participants of my Facebook live launch (at least the ones I could see). It cost me $1.23 each. As of this week, I’ve written approx. $500 of new business because of those thank you notes; and I’m still getting feedback on them. Now, that’s not why I did it, but it goes to show what the power of an envelope can do.

So, I want you to think for a second. Picture that one prospect, that one valued client or employee, walking to their mailbox and finding that you’ve taken time and put in the effort to reach out and connect with them in a tangible way. Few people write a letter, or a note, or send snail mail. Everyone’s moving much faster than that. I had several people tell me, “Oh, you don’t have to mail it, save the stamp; save your promotional products stuff for someone else”. My feeling is, you’re worth more than a stamp. I’m happy to stamp something for you. I'm thankful for you. 

Who’s worth a stamp for you? Who’s worth the time to put something like that together? My guess is, you’ve got a list.


I’ve put together a list of flat, easily mail-able items. And don’t get me started on bulky mail items because I just can’t since this blog would get too long. Do you have any ideas? I’d love to hear them! And I hope this has inspired you to thank someone today. It has reminded me that I need to go do that very thing. 



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