Take a Hike! 6 Products to Help you in the Great Outdoors

  • Jun 27, 2024

Did you know that between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, there are 15 different ecological regions in North America? Right in our own back yard, you can go from the frosty tundra of far northern Alaska and Canada, all the way down to the North American Desert of the western United States and Mexico. Throw some forests and mountains in there for good measure, like in the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains, and the fact that there are 423 national parks (63 of those are the bigger ones that are more well-known like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree) in the United States alone – the United States is a great place to get out and explore.


With many employees working from home, it’s a great idea to encourage your teammates to enjoy the great outdoors! We compiled a list of six products that would be perfect on their own or as a gift basket to motivate your teammates to take a (literal) hike. 


1. Hiker's Trail Mix

resealable kraft pouch w hikers trail mix #krpc-hkr

Trail mix is a hiking classic! These resealable pouches are perfect for throwing into a bag for a quick snack on the trail. This Hiker's Trail Mix has raisins, salted peanuts, candy-coated chocolates, golden raisins, unsalted cashews, and salted almonds. 


2. First Aid Kit

Executive First Aid kit 3558

Even the most experienced and careful hikers have accidents! Whether a skinned knee or palms, this first aid kit is a handy addition to any backpack. Equipped with bandages, knuckle bandages, alcohol wipes, and more, it's perfect for patching up those bumps and bruises on the go. 


3. Maglite Solitaire Maglite Solitaire K3A

A flashlight is always a good thing to have on hand, whether you have a power outage in a storm or you're out hiking and find a cool cave to look into! With a handy carrying strap and small size, it's perfect for keeping a little extra light on hand. 


4. Nature 4-piece Wellness Giftset Nature 4piece wellness giftset gs8014It's important to stay hydrated on the trail! This 4-piece gift set not only includes a water bottle with a nifty carrying handle, but it also includes sunglasses, a clip, and hand sanitizer to make it a perfect all-in-one for your outdoorsy friends and teammates! 


5. USA National Parks: Lands of WonderUSA National Parks 9780744024494

Get inspired! Sometimes all it takes is looking at a gorgeous coffee table book that showcases all the natural wonders the US National Parks can offer to get you motivated to go outside and see what you can see.


6. Osprey Hikelite 18Osprey Hikelite 18

You definitely need something to carry all that great stuff in! This Osprey Hikelite backpack is perfect for hitting the trail. The sleek design and padded straps make it both lightweight and comfortable to take out on the trail and see all the gorgeous scenes national parks have to offer. 


Do you have a favorite national park or even a local place to take a hike in? Let us know in the comments below! Looking to make your own hiking kit? Give us a call today to get started. 

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