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Everyone loves great “merch” or “swag”! But swag needs to serve a purpose, and we have narrowed down what’s at the heart of it all! If you sit down and think about it- all promotional products carry a message of “Hello”. That might start at the beginning of company, waking up to say hello to the world through their “brand” (Hah! See what we did there?!?!) via rolling out introduction swag; or might be outfitting those new employees with apparel, or setting them up with a “hello” kit of desk items or a company bag; it might be saying hello to that crowd of trade show attendees that you pull into your booth with great, eye catching swag, banner kits, booth set ups and even games! But at the heart of it, it’s all a gateway to an introduction- a way to say hello. So we are here to help you find your most creative and effective ways to say hello to your audience... we are in the relationship building business- we build relationships with our clients, and we build relationships between the client and their audience.

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    Mailbox memories last a lifetime- how you can use the power of the stamp in your business

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“We did the show for 3 days and gave away 250 power banks. As a result, we have landed 38 new accounts and 4 of those are national! We have seen 22 more companies from the show sign up later bec...

  • Angela W.
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Jun 06

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